Episode 1.2 Makena, the Covid Vaccine and Infertility, and the Australian Open

In this episode we discuss the efficacy of Makena (17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate) for the prevention of recurrent preterm birth in light of the PROLONG Trial. We also discuss myths about the COVID vaccine and miscarriage or infertility as well as Daphne Akhurst and the Australian Women’s Tennis Tournament. 

Links discussed:

Meis Study

Early criticism of Meis study

Nelson study from Parkland about Makena

Nelson Letter to the Editor Response


US Preterm Birth Rate Trends

JAMA article about Makena FDA review

The Australian Open’s Women’s Tournament Winners

Howard’s article about Serena Williams

Daphne Akhurst, by Bassano, whole-plate glass negative, 1925