Things we do for no reason

Here’s our growing list of things we do for no reason in OB/GYN.

The ThingThe EpisodeThe Evidence
Sounding before placement of an IUD with a metal sound. Bonus: Using a tenaculum routinely when placing an IUD.Episode 4.3Here and here.
Using stress dose steroidsEpisode 4.2Here and here.
Checking a uric acid level or LDH level as part of the evaluation of HTN in pregnancy.Episode 4.1Here.
Routinely using IUPCs and FSEsEpisode 3.13Here, here, and here.
Checking a progesterone with prenatal labs.Episode 3.12Here.
Measuring fundal heights.Episode 3.11Several articles at episode page.
Scrubbing hands for 5 minutes before surgery. Episode 3.10Here and here.
Prescribing the minipill to breastfeeding women. Episode 3.9Several links at episode page.