Episode 3.11 Fundal Heights, Fetal Monitoring, Fentanyl, Formula, and So Forth

In this episode, we discuss the science of fundal heights, a captivating new article about the science of continuous electronic fetal monitoring, and other whatnots, including the formula shortage, SIDS breakthrough, the optimal age of prophylactic oophorectomy, overdose deaths in America, and few other things (including calcium!).

Links Discussed:

Symphysial fundal height (SFH) measurement in pregnancy for detecting abnormal fetal growth

Fundal height measurement. Part 2–Intra- and interexaminer reliability of three measurement techniques

Fundal height measurement. Part 5–The effect of clinician bias on fundal height measurements

Clinician bias in fundal height measurement

Symphysis-pubis fundal height charts to assess fetal size in women with a normal body mass index

Controlled trial of fundal height measurement plotted on customised antenatal growth charts

Fundal height measurement. Part 3–The effect of maternal position on fundal height measurements

The effect of maternal bladder volume on fundal height measurements

Validation of a symphysis-fundal height chart developed for pregnancy complicated by diabetes and hyperglycemia: an observational study

Fundal height: a useful screening tool for fetal growth?

Category II Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Patterns Unassociated With Recognized Sentinel Events: Castles in the Air

Relationship Between Umbilical Cord Gas Values and Neonatal Outcomes: Implications for Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

U.S. drug overdose deaths reached all-time high in 2021, CDC says

What Caused the Baby Formula Shortage?

Information for Families During the Formula Shortage

Butyrylcholinesterase is a potential biomarker for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Calcium Content of Foods