Episode 4.8 Fish, Maternity Deserts, and Value Based Care Part 1

In this episode, we discuss the value of eating fish during pregnancy and the potential harm of warning women about fish. Plus, we discuss factors driving an increase in maternity deserts in the US and discuss value based care in obstetrics and how that may reverse this dangerous trend. In Part 1 of this discussion, we discuss value decisions at the time of Cesarean, including the Alexis O retractor, the fetal pillow, routine gases and labs, methods for salpingectomy, appropriate lengths of stay, and lots more. 

Links Discussed:

The benefits of fish intake: Results concerning prenatal mercury exposure and child outcomes from the ALSPAC prebirth cohort

Prenatal care and sea fish


The Case for Standardizing Cesarean Delivery Technique

Alexis® O™ C-Section Retractor

Zip skin closure

Zip Incision Approximation vs. Suture for C-Section (ZIPS-C)

Randomized controlled trial of elevation of the fetal head with a fetal pillow during cesarean delivery at full cervical dilatation

Cephalic Elevation Device for Second-Stage Cesarean Delivery

Effectiveness of the fetal pillow to prevent adverse maternal and fetal outcomes at full dilatation cesarean section in routine practice

Routine haemoglobin assay after uncomplicated caesarean sections

Cost effectiveness of universal umbilical cord blood gas and lactate analysis in a tertiary level maternity unit

Salpingectomy at the Time of Cesarean Delivery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis