Episode 3.13 Abortion Laws, Lawsuits, and a Defense of American Maternity Care

In this episode, we discuss appropriate use of internal fetal monitors. Then an update on abortion legislation, thoughts about lawsuits, and a discussion of why the US actually has the best maternal and infant care system in the world, not one of the worst. Plus, how abortion restrictions affect our rates of maternal and infant mortality. And a lot about Finland, for some reason. 

Links Discussed:

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IUPCs and Uterine Rupture

CDC Maternal Mortality Rates

May 2021 Article On Maternal Mortality in the US

Maternal Deaths In Finland

Pregnant? Validity of the Pregnancy Checkbox on Death Certificates in Four States, and Characteristics Associated with Pregnancy Checkbox Errors

Howardisms Child Mortality

Examining Cesarean Delivery Rates by Race: a Population-Based Analysis Using the Robson Ten-Group Classification System

Is childbirth more dangerous for Black women in the UK?