Episode 1.6 Micro-skills and Competencies in Obstetrics

In this episode, we discuss several micro-skills that add up  to a lower Cesarean rate, including delivery of breach second twin, external cephalic version, VBAC, and more. We also discuss some tips for placing cervical Foley catheters for induction of labor. 

Four Tips to Reduce Your Cesarean Delivery Rate

What should the rate of Cesarean Delivery be?

Help! How Can I Do Fewer Cesareans?!!?

It’s All in the Counseling …

A randomized controlled trial of prophylactic early manual rotation of the occiput posterior fetus at the beginning of the second stage vs expectant management

Mode of delivery in non-cephalic presenting twins: a systematic review 

ECV of breech first twin: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32434414/