Episode 1.9 Birth in the Movies, Pieces of a Woman, Ursodiol, and intermittent fetal monitoring

In this episode, we review a recent systematic review of the impact of ursodiol in patients with cholestasis of pregnancy as well as a recent review of the risks and benefits of intermittent fetal monitoring in labor compared to other continuous methods of fetal monitoring.

Then we take a look at the portrayal of childbirth in movies with a discussion of the new Netflix film, Pieces of a Woman. If you want to skip to the movie reviews, that starts at 13:00.

Links Discussed:

Review of ursodiol for treatment of cholestasis in pregnancy from the Lancet

Effectiveness of intrapartum fetal surveillance to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes

Before the Birth of One of Her Children by Anne Bradstreet

The C-Section in American Movies

Intimate partner violence causing a miscarriage